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  • Fancy Fowl

    Fancy Fowl


    The original magazine for the poultry fancier. Keeping, breeding and showing poultry, waterfowl and turkeys.


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  • Heka UK Incubators

    Heka UK Incubators



    HEKA Incubators are at the forefront in design, technology and build quality. We make reliable, easy to use incubators that give very high hatch rates. The microprocessor controllers, motors, materials and electrical components used in construction of our incubators are chosen for their quality, durability and relaibility. They are specifically designed to be a high quality product at a sensible price, they are not designed to be the cheapest on the market.

    A Heka EuroLux 2 is being tested by J.Kemp and J.Harrison, results will be updated.

    27th December small test hatch, 20 eggs set 12 fertile and 12 chicks all alive day two.

  • Allen & Page


    We are an innovative, family owned, national company with four generations of experience. Using only the very finest ingredients, the Smallholder Range provides well balanced feeds designed for animals being raised more naturally. We pride ourselves on making natural feed without, artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk pigmenters. Our mill is totally drug free, no antibiotics or cocciostats.